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The Leonard School of Music
“This has been an education program in Charleston for decades,” Davis says. Since 1945, thousands of Charleston-area students have taken music lessons – from alto sax to symphonic band to wood clinics – with North Charleston’s Leonard School of Music.

Fox Music
North Charleston’s Fox Music has been a trusted member of the music community since 1928. “There wouldn’t be a Charleston music scene without Fox Music – it’s kind of the Microsoft of local musicians,” Davis says. “I think everybody who’s anybody has worked at Fox at one time or another. And they’re philanthropic, and what they’ve done in donation and what they’ve given the community is unsurpassed.”

Tommy Gill
Former member of the Charleston Jazz Orchestra, Charleston lost an essential part of its music community when Gill passed away over a year ago. “Tommy was probably the greatest jazz pianist of the last 30 years in Charleston,” Davis says.

Eddie Hogan
Eddie Hogan, who passed away on Dec. 30, 2014, was the publisher of Charleston’s Free Time. “He gave a voice to a lot of musicians who would have never had a voice in the Charleston music scene,” Davis says. “He brought a voice to a lot of people who were overlooked.”

Oscar Rivers
Oscar Rivers, who plays weekly at How Art Thou Cafe on James Island, recently celebrated his 75th birthday. “Oscar’s a very important jazz musician in Charleston,” Davis says. “He plays piano and sax and played with James Brown and just tons of different people.”

Al Goss and Larry Walker
Al Goss and Larry Walker are the former owners of Charleston’s pioneering venue, Myskyns, which once lived on the Market. “That was probably the most important music club in the history of Charleston music,” Davis explains. “Those guys are the first guys to bring people like Eric Johnson to town. Truly, the music scene would not be the same without Myskyns, and anybody who’s been here a long time will tell you that.”

Ye Olde Music Shop
1276 Yeaman’s Hall Road
Hanahan, SC 29410
(843) 747-0014