Previous Inductees


Frank Carlier – Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Instructor
Charles Carmody – Promoter, Charleston Music Hall
Richard “Chip Chipman”- Bluegrass Promoter, Musician
Sid Ferguson – Sound Engineer
Joe Fike – Pianist
Paul Gelpi – Guitarist
HELP – Beatles Tribute Band
Brad Henty – Guitarist
Jan Wysong Jackson – Singer
Drew May – Drummer, Radio Personality
Bill Nance – Keyboardist, Amp Builder and Repairman
Richard Todd – Radio Personality
Eddie Toporek – Founder of Music Corp, Teacher, Promoter, Trumpet Player
Eddie White – Founder Awendaw Green
Ronnie Williams – Pianist


Rob Lamble – Founder Ear for Music
Vanessa & Alex Harris – Owners of The Pourhouse
Calvin Taylor – Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter
Ernie Cortez – Saxophonist
Willie McCrae – Promoter
Jim Bowers – Radio Personality
Mike Gennaro – Promoter, Jazz Artist
Bil Aycock – Jazz Pianist
Jerry Ray – Bassist
Gene Ray – Bassist
Bill Driskell – Singer
Rev. Dr. Johnny Mac – Guitarist
Jumper Cables – Rock and Blues
Malibus – Beach Music
East Coast Party Band – Preeminent Party Band

2020 (no ceremony)


Michael Davis – Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter, Owner of Ye Olde Music Shop
Brad & Jennifer Moranz – Producers
Bert Floyd – Country Music Singer
Wayne Mitchum – Bassist
Ted McKee – Guitarist, Songwriter
Victor Quarterman – Fox Music Salesman for Over 40 Years
Carroll Brown – Singer, Songwriter
Miles Crosby – Local Radio Personality
Abe White – Jazz Saxophonist
Marvin Amerson – Singer, Songwriter
Second Wind – Beach and Boogie: Randy Olsen, Don Hill, John Sullivan, Kenny Price, Herb Stokes, Perry Greene
Free Mountain Standstill – Rock: Lou Jones, Mark McIver, Johnny Cathcart, Jay Vane, Monti Smith, Paul Althouse, Don Moxley


Bobby Alvarez – Singer, Bassist
Ann Caldwell – Singer
James Jameson – Bassist, Played on many Motown Hits
Cap’n Harry Cochran – Owner Cap’ Harry’s Bar
Joe Melli – Owner of The Plex Night Club
Clarence Jackson – Dobro Player
Jack McCray – Promoter
The Vistas: Steve Ledford, Frank Borland, Rusty Terry, Andy Daniel, Cliff Meyers, Bill Joiner
The Parrots – Rock: Charlie Thompson, Cambridge Trott, Leon Meyer, Danny Grady, Ricky Morse, David Eade and Howie Ferguson
Blue Dogs – Country Rock: Bobby Houck, Buck Bradberry, Chris Holder, Hank Futch, Phillip Lammonds, Greg Walker, and Dave Stewart


George Kinney – Band Director, Educator
Johnny Spell – Pedal Steel Guitarist
Richard Weatherford – Owner of the Sand Dollar
Fred Sheets – Trombonist, Brass and Woodwind Repairman
Osei Chandler – Radio Personality
Roger Bellow – Multi Instrumentalist
Marvin Lanier – Guitarist, Teacher
Bunky Odom – Promoter, Booking Agent
Bobby Storm – Jazz Singer
Gary Erwin – Blues Promoter, Musician
John Quincy – Radio Personality
The Killer Whales – Alternative Rock: David Bethany, Murphy Pitts, Tom Lents, Jim Blakeslee


Ronnie Garvin – Charleston’s First Rock Star
Custom 4+2 – Longest Running Band in the Lowcountry
Woody Bartlett – Founder of 96 Wave and Music Promoter
Kevin Wadley & Carter McMillan – Founders of the Music Farm
Bubba Taylor – Fat Cat Productions Music Agency
TJ Phillips – Local Disc Jockey
Joe Wilson – Jazz Guitarist, Owner of Modern Music
Duke Roberts – Guitarist
Bobby Ross & Malcom Burgis – Owners of the Windjammer
Bob Shipley – Music Talent Buyer, Owner of The Plex Night Club


Fox Music – Charleston’s Oldest Music Store
Tommy Gill – Jazz Pianist, Composer, Arranger
Al Goss & Larry Walker – Co-Owners of Myskyn’s
Lonnie Hamilton – City Councilman, Jazz Saxophonist
Eddie Hogan – Founder of Charleston Free Times Entertainment Newspaper
Leonard’s School of Music – Music Instruction
Oscar Rivers – Jazz Pianist
Fred Sabback – Guitar Instructor